Liguria – from Genova to Portofino and nearby towns


Started with a short break in hot, busy, noisy port of Genova, which looked so much different than Torino, that we left in the morning. Full of bright colored buildings and with quite a few nice calm corners to hide. I would like to go back there for a bit longer to visit the famous oceanarium.



From Genova we jumped into a train and had a nice ride next to the sea


We arrived to Santa Margherita Ligure, which is a nice resort town. We had just 5 minutes to run from the train station to the ferry stop and catch the last (as we found out later) boat to Portofino. The views!



We got to our stop in 15 minutes. Portofino looked absolutely lovely but we wanted to have a sunbath and a swim, so we stayed in the ferry to reach the next stop that we knew would have a little beach.



San Fruttuoso from the ferry. Underwater there is an amazing sculpture of Christ of the Abbys which I want to see one day when I go back there.


The beach was tiny and there was quite a lot of people. When we got there we found out that the last ferry back to Santa Margherita was in 30 mintes! We were knackered so we decided to ignore the reality and figure out later what to do. I have to point out that the ferry is the only way to get to and out of San Fruttuoso but there were more connections to other towns.


The water had deep blue-green color…



After the last ferry left the beach became almost empty.


There was a path above the beach that led to another one just around a cliff.


We decided to take the ferry to Camogli and from there go to La Spezia. From the boat we saw some goats climbing the cliffs!


View to Camogli from the ferry.



Me in the port of Camogli, which turned out to be quite pretty itself.



And yet another the train station this day. The train took us to La Spezia.


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